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red barn ranch las vegas new mexico


Red Barn Ranch is located just north of Las Vegas, New Mexico, where the prairie meets the mountains. From conception to harvest, the cows live happy, low stress lives, growing and fattening on green grass, blue sky, sunshine, and pure water. The young cattle are ultra-sounded to ensure that they meet our standards for marbling and tenderness in the finished product. We don't feed our cattle any grain, and they aren't given any hormones or antibiotics.


A Day on the Ranch

A Day on the Ranch

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I've been in farming & beef production since boyhood, but in 2007 we, (Dan & Deb) moved our family to New Mexico from Kansas after a monster tornado leveled our farmstead there! Here in northeastern New Mexico, we've found that the mountains and ranch life suits us better than the machinery and inputs required for commodity agriculture. 
Our son Luke & his wife & their little girls are part of Red Barn Ranch beef production, and our youngest son Nathan raises hogs here on the ranch, which enables us to offer you pork in addition to beef!


We strive to continually improve the grass, soil, water, and complete ecosystem with rotational, regenerative grazing and management. We derive great satisfaction in knowing where our food comes from, that it is very good for us and whoever eats it, and that the animal had a good life and a dignified end of life to keep on giving us life!

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